Frank Compton

Frank Compton
Position: Registered Surveyor
  • Advanced Diploma Surveying
  • Bachelor of Surveying (Newcastle) 2006
  • Registered Surveyor 2010
Practical Experience:
  • 1998 to present Calver, de Witt & Taylor/Calco Surveyors Pty Ltd Gloucester.

Extensive experience in cadastral, engineering and mining surveys.

Currently involved in:

  • Small to large subdivisions including strata developments
  • Mining operations in Gloucester and Wards River area
  • GPS Control Networks / Detail Surveys / Cadastral Surveys
  • Computed Aided Drafting (CivilCad)
  • Council road re-alignment surveys
  • Council road and infrastructure designs
  • Boundary re-marking
  • House and shed set outs
  • Creation of easements